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Management and sales

In Sept 2016 I celebrated 20 years at Coopers!  I started straight from college as van boys mate – I’m now the Manager. I can’t imagine doing anything else now – it may be a family business but I genuinely feel part of it.

What I think customers value about Coopers:  Our happy family feel, our localness, our great  customer service. Above all our value for money.

What the rest of the team say about Darrin:

” Darrin has such a grasp of the detail of great customer service. His attention to detail really pays off – customers feel confident that we will deliver what we promise when we promise it.”

“Darrin has an encyclopaedic knowledge of  whats available and seems to be able to make sure that every customer gets what they want”

“Darrin is friendly, a great organiser and has fantastic product knowledge – what more could you want?”

“Darrin is amazing. The business simply wouldn’t be what it is today without him.”

“Everyone at Coopers goes the extra mile, but if you need a mile further than that, Darrin’s your man.”


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Deliveries and stock movement

Dave re-joined our delivery team in 2017.




Gary joined our sales team in 2018.



Management and Sales

I joined Coopers in the London branch in 2000 and transferred to Bath in 2008

What I think customers value about Coopers: “The personal service we offer and the fact that we really know our products.”

What the rest of the team say about Jamie:

“Jamie is like everyones favourite friend:  Knowledgable,understanding and above all willing to go the extra mile to help.”

“Mr Memory, knows appliances by their model number and will remember that your Mother replaced her dishwasher three years ago.”

“Jamie is our Mastermind of domestic appliances – he seems to know every product  in minute detail. Customers really value that.”

“Jamie – knowledgeable, mature, matter of fact and no flannel. Customers love him!”

” Jamie really knows his stuff – his product knowledge is second to none.”


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Jed joined our sales team in 2017.



Deliveries and stock movement

I’ve been part of Coopers delivery team since 1998.

What I think customers value about Coopers: “It all comes down to our personal service and our great prices. Basically they know we are an honest and friendly lot that its nice to do business with.”

What the rest of the team say about Justin:

“Justin just gets on with the business and makes sure that deliveries happen as they should. He knows our products and Bath houses – if Justin can’t get  your range cooking into your basement kitchen then it probably isn’t possible!”

“What you see is what you get. A genuinely committed hard worker who always gets the job done. Every business needs a Justin.”

” Justin  exemplifies the Coopers brand – committed, passionate about customer service and willing to go the extra mile to deliver the best for every customer. ”

“Justin is efficient and very quick at getting things moving!”

“Can reach places with range cookers and American fridge freezers that other delivery men dare not go.”





Paul joined the family business straight from university way back in 1973. He served his time on the shop floor but is now mostly to be found behind a desk upstairs.

What I think customers value about Coopers: “I believe in offering every customer a personal, fair and value for money deal. I want customers to leave us feeling that buying stuff was a pleasurable experience not something to be endured”

What the rest of the team say about Paul:

“The Boss. Always getting the best deals for our customers.”

“Paul is simply the fairest man I know and has business acumen in spades.  He’s made Coopers what is it today – a great local shop  offering great prices and even greater customer service.”

” Paul likes to play the grumpy old man  but he’s got a heart of gold – and is definitely the backbone of our success. He cares about customers and spends his days screwing the best deals  out of our suppliers so that we can offer great products at great prices.”

” Paul is a surprise! He’s a tough businessman with a soft centre. He’s principled, honest and generous and cares passionately about both business and his staff.”




I joined Coopers in 2014. I work on the shop floor, and maintain the website.

What I think customers value about Coopers:

” The fact that we will take a washing machine up three flights of stairs, and take the old one away.”

What the rest of the team say about Sue:

“Sue is just a lovely calming influence on the shop floor. She is the unassuming intelligent face of Coopers. Customers love her gentle but guiding hand in making a decision.”

” Sue is simply the best! She brings a wonderful sense of balance and down to earthiness to the our days.”

“Sue is quiet, calm and utterly focused on customers. She really listens and helps each customer get the right product for them.”

“Sue is a breath of fresh air. She’s bright; she listens; she follows through”


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