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Are boiling water taps worth it?


We sell a range of hot water taps that are plumbed in to the mains and deliver instant hot water for drinks and cooking. They are definitely not a kitchen essential but more and more people are seeing them as a ‘nice to have’ extra – particularly if you are going for the modern no clutter kitchen look.

Benefits include:
Instant hot water (usually variable between about 96 – 99.97°C)
Can be stand alone or part of a mixer tap (with cold/filtered and at the very top end sparkling water taps)
Do away with the need for a kettle on the work surface
Can be cheaper than boiling water in a kettle

Things to think about:
What capacity tank can you accommodate (they range from 3-11 litres)
Safety – most come with a safety lock but aren’t really made to be used by unsupervised young children or the very elderly or infirm
You’ll need to have the tap plumbed in by a professional
You’ll need to change the filters regularly to prevent the pipes furring up – particularly if you live in a hard water area