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What cooking appliances for my new kitchen?


A surprising number of people come in to Coopers Stores to look at cookers and hobs with a completely open mind about what they want. Sometimes because they are planning a whole new kitchen and want to be sure they choose the ‘right’ cooking appliances for their lifestyle, space and budget. Sometimes because they think they need to update and upgrade old faithfuls. Whatever the reason they want advice about the merits of built in v freestanding, high end v basic brands and how they can justify their longing for a big fancy range cooker.

All our team can walk and talk you through the options but here are a few opening pointers:

Built in appliances can really work in smaller spaces creating a streamlined and uncluttered look and feel
Built under ovens don’t take up valuable work surface in smaller kitchens – but mean you have to bend down more
Range cookers work best in bigger kitchens and can create instant style and ‘wow’ factor
Range and freestanding cookers can move with you – not so built in hobs and ovens

Built in ovens and hobs usually offer more in the way of functions and technology
Our number 1 useful feature is Pyro cleaning – who likes cleaning the oven and as a bonus the ovens with pyro tend to be better quality and build (in order to withstand the high cleaning temperature)
Don’t be seduced by appliances with lots and lots of fancy programmes. Think realistically about which ones you will actually need and use. You may do better with fewer fancy twiddles but better build and quality
Range cookers are usually relatively simple appliances with fewer programmes and features but often offer higher build quality in exchange.

Look at the price of the range cooker you lust after in terms of the ‘saving’ you’ll make in terms of expensive kitchen units and surface – it can actually work out a relatively low cost option! There are a couple of really good value range cookers at c£1000 (look at SMEG and Fisher & Paykel)
In terms of reliability and build it is generally true that you get what you pay for


Steam assist baking functions – following The Great British Bake Off we are all wanting professional baking functions . Look at the AEG oven with SteamBake at £499

SMART appliances are sprouting up everywhere. Home Connect functions let you control the oven remotely and there are IPAD links and internal wifi cameras to let you see how the cake or supper are coming along. How did we live without it?!

Interesting innovations around diagnostics are now spreading to cooking appliances – service departments link to your ailing appliance to troubleshoot so that the engineer arrives with the right part straight away. We like it – clever, green, useful and potentially money and time saving.