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Stretching the dishwasher analogy……

I have a Google Search set up to keep me up to date with what’s going on in our industry. Mostly its about new products – sometimes straying into bizarre accidents involving domestic appliances. But today I was surprised (and amused) by the following  – an extract from an American college site reporting a ‘devotional’ given by one Brother Jonathon Lawrence, a University Relations Creative Manager at BYU-Idaho:
“You can load dishes in the dishwasher every day,” Lawrence said. “Yes, you are interacting with the dishwasher or even using it, but it will be nothing more than a box unless you use the soap and turn on the power to cleanse the dishes.”
He said he likened turning on the dishwasher to repentance. We cannot utilize the atonement without repentance, just like we cannot use the dishwasher without plugging it in.”

Experiencing devotional