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New Miele Laundry Range



Miele have a well deserved reputation as a leading manufacturer of laundry products. As always with Miele, their latest range has been tested for the equivalent of 20 years’ use so you can buy with confidence.

We love the SoftSteam honeycomb drum; just select the ‘Pre-ironing’ option to heat the drum after the final spin for a smoothing effect which makes ironing quicker and easier, available on models WKB120, WMB120, WKH122, WMH122, WKR571, WMR561, WKR771 and WMV960.

Other features to look out include TwinDos (Miele’s automatic dosing and 2-phase detergent system), PowerWash for a thorough yet efficient wash, and Down programs for pillows, duvets and down-filled jackets.