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New vacuum cleaner regulations in September 2017

2017 energy label

You may have heard that new vacuum cleaner regulations are coming into force in September 2017. We remember well the Great Vacuum Cleaner Panic of 2014, when new regulations limited the power of vacuum cleaners to 1600W.  Panic buying saw us cleaned out of 2000W Miele vacuums, with some customers buying two!

This year the vacuum cleaner regulations are changing again. The maximum power limit is dropping again to just 900W. Manufacturers responded to the 2014 changes with re-designed models. These models have been performing well, with very little change to cleaning effectiveness.  We hope the new 2017 models will be just as good. However, we’ve got plenty of stock of the current models for anyone who is worried about the changes. Of course, we’ve made sure this includes our best selling Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog at 1200W. If you want one of the new energy efficient models, we will be able to get those soon too.

The regulators are also introducing a noise limit and durability test. Anyone who likes a quiet life will be pleased to find that maximum noise levels are being introduced at 80dB. Our ranges of vacuums won’t be affected by this, as they’re already below the limit. We’ve always prided ourselves on selling durable products, and we’re glad to see that this is being encouraged within the industry.

Here’s what Which? think of the change:

“Will vacuum cleaners get better or worse?

When we test vacuum cleaners, we look at exactly how much dust and dirt each one is able to suck up. Our tests have shown that, despite initial fears, the introduction of the energy label in 2014 did not lead to a drop in cleaning performance. In fact, cleaning ability has remained largely stable. We’ll be interested to see how the new wave of 900W vacuum cleaners will compare with older models.”

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