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Revolutionary Vacuum Cleaners Now In Store


Like most of you, it’s not often we get really excited about vacuum cleaners. However, two new products have arrived recently which we think are genuinely exciting vacuum cleaner revolutionaries. Firstly, Miele have launched a new range of bagless cleaners. Secondly, we are now stocking iRobot’s robotic vacuum.

Bagless Miele Vacuums

You could be forgiven for thinking that there’s nothing revolutionary about bagless vacuum cleaners. However, the new Blizzard range from Miele deserves a second thought. As is often the case with Miele, this innovation may not be the first of its kind, but it has been intelligently designed and thoroughly tested. It features a lifelong triple-filtration system which cleverly separates fine dust from heavier particles. The result is that you can empty the bin without being engulfed in a cloud of dust, and the exhaust air has “Allergy UK Seal of Approval”. Another first is the onboard accessories, so you never need hunt for a nozzle again. We love Miele cleaners for their power and durability, so it’s great to see the Blizzard range now delivering everything we love without the bags.

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Vacuum Cleaning Robot

If you’re still not excited about vacuuming, a robotic cleaner could be just the thing for you! iRobot are the leading innovators in the field of robotic domestic appliances. Despite being popular in many parts of the world, robot cleaners are relatively new to the UK. They’re ideal for anyone who finds vacuuming physically challenging, or who simply doesn’t have time or inclination to clean. iRobot cleaners are so simple to operate. At the press of a button, you can watch it trundle around your house, collecting all the dust, dirt and pet hair from the floor. The iRobot can glide underneath most furniture to clean places other vacuums can’t reach. Once it has finished cleaning it will automatically return home to its docking station to charge. Robot cleaners are cordless and bagless. All you need to do is occasionally empty the robot’s dust bin.

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