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I joined Coopers in 2007 and have worked both on the shop floor and in deliveries. I also get involved in our great window displays.

What I think customers value about Coopers: ” Our fantastic advice and service. Call it old fashioned but our personal service is a really attractive alternative to anonymous  internet shopping – that and the great deals we do of course!

What the rest of the team say about Lawrence:

“Lawrence just exudes positive energy. He has a real can-do approach that customers love.”

“I simply love Lawrence(!) He’s like a great bubble of happiness that makes even the greyest of days seem OK.”

” Lawrence is a great people person. He is genuinely interested in our customers and in making sure they get the best service.”

“Full of energy and endlessly cheerful.”

“Always positive, cheeky chappy. Thats Lawrence ….oh and he’s got a winning way with customers.”