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Try Before You Buy Miele Experience

Premium home appliance brand Miele has refurbished its London Experience Centre.

The front half of the 200 square-metre showroom, which is situated at the top of Wigmore Street, in Cavendish Place, now includes four kitchens that are fitted out with the latest Miele products.

The rear section of the London Experience Centre houses a separate laundry and dishwasher area with live appliances, as well as a working kitchen for customer demonstrations and retail training.

If you are seriously considering buying Miele products from us we can arrange places for you on the Taste for Design – Just Imagine sessions which include a half-day demonstration followed by  lunch at the London Experience Centre.

Dr Axel KniehlSpeaking exclusively to ERT, Dr Axel Kniehl, Miele’s executive director of marketing and sales (pictured left), said: “We have over 90 Miele Experience Centres worldwide. They are extremely important for our whole brand experience.

“Over the last year, we’ve learned that this [Wigmore Street] is a location where people typically come when they are renovating their homes. They have design ideas, they come with their designers and they want to have discussions on how appliances will fit into their kitchen and which designs to use.

“The Experience Centre is an environment where consumers can have those discussions and get a clear understanding of what the final outcome will look like.”