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The Importance of Shopping Local

Local businesses support our society, economy and environment. Unfortunately, many local businesses face the prospect of permanent closure as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Recent lockdown regulations have forced the majority of them to close their doors to customers so many consumers have switched to online shopping.

Shopping local is more important now than ever before! Many local businesses have worked hard to put in place safe options to continue using their services, even if their physical storefronts are closed. From click and collect options to local delivery, you can purchase almost everything from your local businesses.  Purchasing everything from ‘Take Out Dining to your own new free-standing range cooker can all be done safely from your home using your local high street businesses, and you will continue to get the local customer service you deserve.

  1. The unique character of a community is shaped by the businesses that are there. Imagine the town centre of Bath if all the local stores went out of business, the quaint, historic atmosphere that makes the city so special would be lost.
  • Local businesses provide employment for people in the community. By supporting these businesses, you help employees keep their jobs and receive a decent wage.
  • We all know someone who works in, or owns, a local business. If it closed down, imagine the disappointment and hardship they would suffer.
  • Local businesses often purchase goods and services from one another; helping to stimulate the local economy.
  • Local businesses invest in their community. The revenue they generate helps support local council services, such as libraries, parks and roads.
  • Local businesses consider local values, desires and needs. They often tailer their goods and services to suit the unique community where they reside.
  • Local businesses help communities prosper. Acclaimed local businesses can increase resident satisfaction and boost property value.
  • You can reduce your carbon footprint by walking or cycling to a local business (restrictions allowing). Similarly, deliveries from your local area produce less transit pollution than deliveries from afar.
  • Prices are competitive between local businesses, so you are likely to get a good deal.
  1. Local business offer consumers more choice. They often stock unique products that aren’t mass produced, helping to bring variety to the community.

The next time you are making a purchase of any type, remember to shop local!

Coopers is an independently owned home appliance business, local to the Bath area. Our store is currently closed so you cannot view products in person, but we are still answering questions, taking orders, and delivering and installing all of our home appliances throughout the lockdown period!   

With over 60 years of experience, you can depend on Coopers for quality products, exemptional service, expert advice and competitive prices. Shop local, shop Coopers!

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