Need help with your cleaning? Our online showroom features a small selection of our upright, cylinder, cordless and robotic vacuum cleaners. We have lots more in our Bath showroom. If you can’t make it in to see us, give us a call on 01225 311811 for details, advice and availability.

With so many cleaners available now it can be hard to know which is right for you. If you’re looking for a lightweight device for a quick tidy-up a cordless cleaner could be for you. However, you can’t beat a traditional cylinder or upright to give carpets a deep clean. We know all about sticks, suction and nozzles, so give us a ring for more advice.

All our cleaning appliance prices are competitive, our advice is based on product knowledge and our customer service is highly rated. Contact us NOW for a great deal.


Cylinder vacuum cleaners are pulled along behind you as you clean. They are great for stairs, upholstery, under furniture and awkward corners. They can be quieter and lighter than their upright equivalents. They aslo generally have a longer reach ranging from six to 15 metres. We stock Which? best buy makes including Miele, Sebo and Bosch in our large showroom in the centre of Bath Most cylinder cleaner come with a universal floorhead, which has bristles you can lower when cleaning hard floors and retract when you're vacuuming carpet. There is usually a set of specialist tools/nozzles for upholstery and awkward corners. Many of the latest vacuum cleaners are fitted with Hepa (high-efficiency particulate air) or S-class filters, which are designed to reduce the escape of allergens. Some cylinders come with a full-size turbo brush that's 'recommended for pet hair' Manufacturers are improving the design and suction efficiency of cleaners so that they can deliver good results even at the new lower standard wattages - Which? says "Good vacuum cleaner performance is about design and suction, and not a high-wattage motor."

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Hands and sticks

Quick and easy to use and store, hand and stick cleaners reach where bigger vacuums can't. They can be really useful for awkward spaces where your main cleaner can’t reach or for where there isn’t a power supply nearby (think garden shed and car). Attachments such as soft brushes and crevice tools, as well as bendable hoses, can make these cleaners more flexible for different cleaning jobs. Most handheld vacuums are cordless. There are small dustbuster-style handheld vacuums which are great for clearing up small areas of mess and cordless 'stick' vacuum cleaners that are basically  skinnier versions of a conventional push-along vacuum.  Battery operated, they have a limited running time but are great for smaller cleaning jobs where there is no access to mains power . Handheld vacuum cleaners are smaller and lighter, have a short battery life (between 5 and 30 minutes) but do not replace all of the functions of a conventional corded model. Some of our current favourite and best selling hand and stick cleaners are from AEG and Bosch and can be seen in our large showroom in the centre of Bath.

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An upright vacuum cleaner is a good choice if you’ve got large areas of carpet to clean. Upright cleaners use suction together with  the beating action of the rotating, motorised brush to loosen and remove dirt. The beater gives finish and helps to lift the carpet pile. They are usually heavier  than cylinders but glide over the floor so can be just as easy to use and often have larger dust bags so don't need emptying so often. Many models have tools/attachments for special tasks/awkward corners. Most of the models we stock have variable power control, on-board tool storage, adjustable height settings, bag-full indicator, easy to replace dust bags and permanent/washable filters.  Reliable and efficient makes  include AEG and Sebo.

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