Cylinder vacuum cleaners are pulled along behind you as you clean. They are great for stairs, upholstery, under furniture and awkward corners. They can be quieter and lighter than their upright equivalents. They aslo generally have a longer reach ranging from six to 15 metres.

We stock Which? best buy makes including Miele, Sebo and Bosch in our large showroom in the centre of Bath

Most cylinder cleaner come with a universal floorhead, which has bristles you can lower when cleaning hard floors and retract when you’re vacuuming carpet. There is usually a set of specialist tools/nozzles for upholstery and awkward corners.

Many of the latest vacuum cleaners are fitted with Hepa (high-efficiency particulate air) or S-class filters, which are designed to reduce the escape of allergens.

Some cylinders come with a full-size turbo brush that’s ‘recommended for pet hair’

Manufacturers are improving the design and suction efficiency of cleaners so that they can deliver good results even at the new lower standard wattages – Which? says “Good vacuum cleaner performance is about design and suction, and not a high-wattage motor.”

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