Hands and sticks

Quick and easy to use and store, hand and stick cleaners reach where bigger vacuums can’t. They can be really useful for awkward spaces where your main cleaner can’t reach or for where there isn’t a power supply nearby (think garden shed and car). Attachments such as soft brushes and crevice tools, as well as bendable hoses, can make these cleaners more flexible for different cleaning jobs.

Most handheld vacuums are cordless. There are small dustbuster-style handheld vacuums which are great for clearing up small areas of mess and cordless ‘stick’ vacuum cleaners that are basically  skinnier versions of a conventional push-along vacuum.  Battery operated, they have a limited running time but are great for smaller cleaning jobs where there is no access to mains power .

Handheld vacuum cleaners are smaller and lighter, have a short battery life (between 5 and 30 minutes) but do not replace all of the functions of a conventional corded model.

Some of our current favourite and best selling hand and stick cleaners are from AEG and Bosch and can be seen in our large showroom in the centre of Bath.