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Our online showroom features only a small selection of our cookers, ranges, hobs, hoods, microwaves, small appliances and compacts. We have lots more on display in our Bath showroom, with even more available to order.

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Free-Standing Cookers

Free-standing cookers offer hob, oven and grill in a single unit.  At Coopers in Bath we have a wide range of high quality reliable free-standing cookers on display in our showroom. We can get all major makes and models to order whether you are after a budget, mid-range or high-end cooker. You can choose between all gas, all electric or dual-fuel. Most come with a four-ring gas or electric hob which can be ceramic or induction. Most freestanding cookers are the standard 60cm wide, but 50 and 55cm models are great for small spaces. Single oven models combine oven and grill, while double oven versions usually have the grill in the smaller top oven. Different makes and models offer different programmes and features. These include self-cleaning oven, multi-function oven and timer.   Take a look at some of our current top deals in free-standing cookers from AEG, Zanussi, Belling and Smeg.

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Built-in ovens are designed to sit in housing units forming part of a fully integrated kitchen. To keep things simple, single ovens are all a standard size, and can be fitted under-counter or at eye level. Doubles, however, come in two sizes; 72cm high for built-under or 90cm high for eye-level. You can also get a number of compact appliances which offer combined microwave/steam/conventional and fan options. We have a wide range of built-in ovens on display at Coopers in Bath. Our team all have great knowledge of the products available, both in-store and to order, so talk to us if you need help. We concentrate on reliable brands with established track records in good product design and excellent after sales service. You can opt for lots of extra programmes and features. We love pyrolytic self-cleaning programmes, intensive bake and pizza settings. Look out for the very popular slide away doors, as seen on Bake Off. Most top brands offer steam injection models too, which are great for producing juicy joints and crusty crusts. Technophiles will be interested in the latest SMART wi-fi enabled appliances, which can be controlled from a phone app. Take a look at our current best deals from top brands AEG, Bosch, Neff, Siemens, Miele, Smeg and Zanussi.

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Ceramic, induction or solid-plate electric?  Gas or gas on glass? Hobs are one of the most frequently used pieces of equipment in the kitchen so choosing the right one really matters. As well as choice of fuel you also need to think about how many rings or cooking zones you need and what sort  will suit your type of cooking. Come and talk to our expert staff who will take you through the different hobs and find one that suits your needs and budgets. Some hobs offer core features including:
  • Different heat outputs including ultra rapid heat burners and power boost settings to give flexibility for quick boiling, simmering  and stir-frying
  • Different shapes and sizes cooking zones including elongated fish kettle/casserole zone and zoneless options for optimum flexibility
  • Removable controls
  • Safety controls that reduce the chances of  burns, scalds and fires
  • Flame failure protection (Gas)
  • Auto Ignition (Gas)
  • Easy cleaning removable coated pan supports (Gas)
  • Overspill and timeout cutout function (Electric/Induction)
  • Dual element zones (Electric/Induction)
  • Hot Hob warning light (Electric/Induction)
  • Auto time switch off (Electric/Induction)
Additional cooking options include:
  • Built-in BBQ grill
  • Domino hob with combined different zones (e.g. burners + wok burner/ griddle/bbq)
  • Dual fuel
  • Flat griddle
  • Tappanyaki plate
We have a large range of hobs in stock and can do great deals on all major brands. Take a look at our current best offers from AEG, Elica, Fisher & Paykel, Miele, Neff and Smeg.

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Range Cookers

Range cookers are large free-standing appliances with hob, ovens, grill and storage drawer in a single unit. Electric, gas and dual fuel cookers are available in different sizes, colours and cooking combinations. There are different price bands too - from pretty basic to the sky's the limit custom built commercial quality ranges. We can talk you through the options and help you choose the right range cooker for your space and budget. Here are a few things to consider:
  • SIZE. Range cookers tend to be bigger than standard cookers - usually 90cm, 100cm or 110cm wide. Some of the custom built models can be even larger than this.
  • COOKING CONFIGURATION. Many range cookers have between 5+ hob rings/burners, 2 ovens, separate grill and storage/warning drawer. Larger models offer more rings/burners, bigger and/or additional ovens.
  • HOB TYPE. There are ranges with gas, ceramic and induction hobs and with dual fuel options. Some of the more expensive makes and models offer additional hob features such as griddle plates, wok burners and deep fat frying units.
  • SELF- CLEANING. Many range cookers come with catalytic liners or pyrolytic self-cleaning functions
We stock a large number of range cookers in our Bath showroom. Come and visit us or take a look at some of our best deals from Fisher & Paykel, Ilve, Lacanche, Mercury, Falcon, Rangemaster, Belling and Smeg.

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Microwaves and Compacts

There is now a wide range of built in companion cooking appliances  that can really add the 'wow' factor to your kitchen. Microwaves, steam ovens, coffeemakers, combi-microwaves and warming drawers are available to sit alongside your oven or hob. Microwaves offer a fast and reliable way to defrost and heat up food and  are energy-efficient and economical to run. They have come along way since they were first introduced into the UK back in the 1970s. Many now incorporate grill and conventional oven functions and have multi-programmes to make cooking really easy. We carry a range of microwaves in our Bath showroom and can talk you through the options for these and other compact appliances. Here are some things to think about when choosing:
  • COOKING FUNCTIONS. There are 3 types of microwave - simple, combi oven and combi grill. Microwaves are available  in freestanding and built-in/integrated versions. Some now offer a steaming function.
  • FEATURES. Basic microwaves are best at their simplest - with on/off and time controls. More expensive models offer additional features such as digital displays, pre-set cooking and auto defrost programmes.  Some combi microwaves come with auto/self clean functions.
  • CONSISTENCY AND RELIABILITY. Which? tests have found quite big differences in consistency of cooking/defrosting results and in reliability between difference microwave model
Take a look at some of our current best deals on microwaves and compacts from Bosch, Samsung and Miele.    

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Cooker Hoods

Cookers hoods are designed to remove (or at least reduce)  kitchen cooking smells, grease and fumes.  Some cooker hoods are designed to extract air through a duct to outside while others (Extractor) Others pass the 'dirty' air through carbon filters before recirculating it back into your kitchen (Recirculation). Some models can be set up in either mode. We can talk you through the various options and styles and you can see various types and  designs in our Bath (South West England) showroom. We are near Bristol and throughout Avon, Somerset, Gloucestershire and Wiltshire. Things to think about when choosing a cooker hood:
  • TYPE. There are built-in, chimney, freestanding, integrated and island cooker hoods. Some innovative brands are now introducing hoods that are integrated into built-in hobs.
  • SIZE. You want the cooker hood to be effective across the full width of your hob.
  • FILTERS  All cooker hoods have grease filters that catch grease as it rises from your hob. These can be  aluminium, stainless steel, fleece material or paper - which have to be replaced or cleaned regularly to maintain efficiency. Some hoods have a filter full indicator.
  • NOISE  The noise level of cooker hoods varies - Which? tests found noise ranges from 54dB to 74dB
  • CONTROLS  Most cooker hood controls are either on the front or underside of the hood. Some models have remote control.
  • POWER SETTINGS Most cooker hoods have two or three speeds and some  have a high burst power setting to deal with strong smell  and lots of steam
  • LIGHT  Most cooker hoods come with two plus lights to increase the light level while you cook
Take a look at some of our current best deal cooker hoods from Elica and Neff.

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