Ceramic, induction or solid-plate electric?  Gas or gas on glass? Hobs are one of the most frequently used pieces of equipment in the kitchen so choosing the right one really matters. As well as choice of fuel you also need to think about how many rings or cooking zones you need and what sort  will suit your type of cooking. Come and talk to our expert staff who will take you through the different hobs and find one that suits your needs and budgets.

Some hobs offer core features including:

  • Different heat outputs including ultra rapid heat burners and power boost settings to give flexibility for quick boiling, simmering  and stir-frying
  • Different shapes and sizes cooking zones including elongated fish kettle/casserole zone and zoneless options for optimum flexibility
  • Removable controls
  • Safety controls that reduce the chances of  burns, scalds and fires
  • Flame failure protection (Gas)
  • Auto Ignition (Gas)
  • Easy cleaning removable coated pan supports (Gas)
  • Overspill and timeout cutout function (Electric/Induction)
  • Dual element zones (Electric/Induction)
  • Hot Hob warning light (Electric/Induction)
  • Auto time switch off (Electric/Induction)

Additional cooking options include:

  • Built-in BBQ grill
  • Domino hob with combined different zones (e.g. burners + wok burner/ griddle/bbq)
  • Dual fuel
  • Flat griddle
  • Tappanyaki plate

We have a large range of hobs in stock and can do great deals on all major brands. Take a look at our current best offers from AEG, Elica, Fisher & Paykel, Miele, Neff and Smeg.