Cooker Hoods

Cookers hoods are designed to remove (or at least reduce)  kitchen cooking smells, grease and fumes.  Some cooker hoods are designed to extract air through a duct to outside while others (Extractor) Others pass the ‘dirty’ air through carbon filters before recirculating it back into your kitchen (Recirculation). Some models can be set up in either mode.
We can talk you through the various options and styles and you can see various types and  designs in our Bath (South West England) showroom. We are near Bristol and throughout Avon, Somerset, Gloucestershire and Wiltshire.

Things to think about when choosing a cooker hood:

  • TYPE. There are built-in, chimney, freestanding, integrated and island cooker hoods. Some innovative brands are now introducing hoods that are integrated into built-in hobs.
  • SIZE. You want the cooker hood to be effective across the full width of your hob.
  • FILTERS  All cooker hoods have grease filters that catch grease as it rises from your hob. These can be  aluminium, stainless steel, fleece material or paper – which have to be replaced or cleaned regularly to maintain efficiency. Some hoods have a filter full indicator.
  • NOISE  The noise level of cooker hoods varies – Which? tests found noise ranges from 54dB to 74dB
  • CONTROLS  Most cooker hood controls are either on the front or underside of the hood. Some models have remote control.
  • POWER SETTINGS Most cooker hoods have two or three speeds and some  have a high burst power setting to deal with strong smell  and lots of steam
  • LIGHT  Most cooker hoods come with two plus lights to increase the light level while you cook

Take a look at some of our current best deal cooker hoods from Elica and Neff.