Microwaves and Compacts

There is now a wide range of built in companion cooking appliances  that can really add the ‘wow’ factor to your kitchen. Microwaves, steam ovens, coffeemakers, combi-microwaves and warming drawers are available to sit alongside your oven or hob.

Microwaves offer a fast and reliable way to defrost and heat up food and  are energy-efficient and economical to run. They have come along way since they were first introduced into the UK back in the 1970s. Many now incorporate grill and conventional oven functions and have multi-programmes to make cooking really easy. We carry a range of microwaves in our Bath showroom and can talk you through the options for these and other compact appliances.

Here are some things to think about when choosing:

  • COOKING FUNCTIONS. There are 3 types of microwave – simple, combi oven and combi grill. Microwaves are available  in freestanding and built-in/integrated versions. Some now offer a steaming function.
  • FEATURES. Basic microwaves are best at their simplest – with on/off and time controls. More expensive models offer additional features such as digital displays, pre-set cooking and auto defrost programmes.  Some combi microwaves come with auto/self clean functions.
  • CONSISTENCY AND RELIABILITY. Which? tests have found quite big differences in consistency of cooking/defrosting results and in reliability between difference microwave model

Take a look at some of our current best deals on microwaves and compacts from Bosch, Samsung and Miele.